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Booth in Reno


Going to shows means travel. Here with my brother Kim in New York.

Natureworks, Tulsa, Ok.


At home

Hardly anything hanging on my walls-it's in everyone else's home...

Etosha Pan, Namibia

Viewpoint on the pan.

Thousand Yard Stare

Relieved it's finished-a lot of work...

Thousand Yard Stare-framed

My good friend Ben Ham in South Carolina.

Safari Club International

Booth at SCI-Reno, Nv.

A Giant Among Giants

Original pencil with olive wood veneer frame.

Heat and Dust

Painting in progress-a long way to go.

A Giant Among Giants


Newspaper article

I sometimes keep interesting newspaper articles-this one from around 2001-2 Columbus, Ohio.


Booth in Reno, Nv.

Wilbur, Wa.

Hauling hay in winter with Mark Rosman.

Three Worlds Collide

Las Vegas meets The Simpsons in Kruger Park. With Oddie Colon.

Deep Water

I always try to choose the best frame that goes with the artwork.

Wilbur, Wa.

Preparing for the elements with Bill Rosman.

Duelling Giraffes

Original pencil with olive wood veneer frame.

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