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Under The Big Tree

24 1/2"x 36"

Limited Edition Prints Available
US$ 475

Leaving behind Nyamepi Camp and walking east along the Zambezi River, alone and armed only with binoculars and camera was (in hindsight) not a very good idea. The further from the camp I tramped, the more my apprehensions grew. I'd heard the stories of wayward tourists being eaten alive by big, hairy beasts with long sharp teeth, or being trampled by a disagreeable elephant, or run down by a charging hippo and I didn't want to be another statistic. That's the delight of Mana Pools; you are really in the bush and nobody will come and rescue you if you get in trouble, so you need to be alert when doing something as idiotic as I was. I had seen a couple of trees at the river's edge in the hazy distance and I wanted to take a closer look, so here I was, treading VERY SLOOOWLY and CAREFULLY through the grass, eyes keenly searching for any indication of movement at every step of the way, and even stopping every ten steps to look about me. This is what I found.....

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